Monday, November 16, 2009

Until 2011, I'm going to have some fun!

Charlie here... It is 20 days until the Las Vegas 2009 Rock and Roll Half-Marathon. Yes... The half. There's time for marathon training later. Until then, I'll have some fun with my runs!

Oh, Like... Running this half-marathon as Elvis (or one of the Running Elvi!)

This is the costume that I'll be running it in. It should be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to it!


Oh yeah! I am wearing leis around my neck. I'm planning on wearing 15. I'll hand out 1 to a lady every mile. I'm planning on handing one out to the lady that hands me my finisher's medal. That leaves one left over! A souvenir of my race! On to the race cork board!


  1. wow so cool I like your outfit...hahaha..have fun running in that awesome costume!!!!


  2. wow! that was very cool!
    Are you comfortable running with it?
    Well if that's the case..Goodluck to your future goofy outfits on running and have fun! :)

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