Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Got The Flight


Ok, all you Goofy runners and a few Dopeys.... I'm officially official. Not only did I register for the race, but I just bought my plane ticket yesterday. So now I'm really in. I'm hoping as we get closer to the race that more of you will post on here with advice, info., comments, etc. But securing my flight just got me all the more excited about this race and hopefully meeting a lot of you.

I'll be flying in on Friday morning and heading straight to the WWOS to register. I'll run the half Saturday, the full Sunday and then enjoy the free park admission on Monday (not sure which park yet) before flying home Monday evening. It's gonna be a crazy weekend but I can not wait!

I've got Chicago in October before all this and I'm excited about that but not nearly as pumped as I am about Disney! More to come as the race approaches. Goofy 2011!!

Keep runnin,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Not Going To Be There!

I thought that I ought to let you know.

I just can't afford it the trip at that time.

The rest of you? Have a great time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Registered!

Well, it's official. I have registered for Goofy 2011. I wanted to go ahead and register on opening day and get it done so I can talk about it and be excited about it all year long. I heard all the race reports and comments from this weekend's events (2010 marathon) and I wish I could've been down there. I know the weather wasn't ideal, but I think it would've been worth it. Anxious to hear about anyone else who registers for any of the marathon events for 2011. Can't wait. I'll be posting a lot about it as it approaches I'm sure. Check it out! Goofy 2011!!

Keep runnin',

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Definitely Goofy, I Am!

Hi, I'm Gina Harris, I live in Salem, Oregon, and I've been running for about 3 years, starting at the age of 53, but only seriously for about 2 years. I was talked into running my first marathon last year (which I ended up having to scrap due to a stress fracture) and I began my training in earnest. I finally was able to complete my first marathon, Newport, Oregon on May 30, 2009 and I was hooked! I completed the Bizz Johnson Marathon on October 11 and will do marathon #3 in Sacramento on December 6, the California International Marathon.

Maddy talked me into running the Goofy in 2011 and I'm really excited to do it. I love Disney; have only been to Disney World once and have always wanted to go back, so this is a great chance for me to do that. It will be challenging, but I can't wait to do it.

I have a blog also, even though I don't post super often. I'm also on twitter @ginaharris1

I can't wait to begin training for this exciting set of races!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Until 2011, I'm going to have some fun!

Charlie here... It is 20 days until the Las Vegas 2009 Rock and Roll Half-Marathon. Yes... The half. There's time for marathon training later. Until then, I'll have some fun with my runs!

Oh, Like... Running this half-marathon as Elvis (or one of the Running Elvi!)

This is the costume that I'll be running it in. It should be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to it!


Oh yeah! I am wearing leis around my neck. I'm planning on wearing 15. I'll hand out 1 to a lady every mile. I'm planning on handing one out to the lady that hands me my finisher's medal. That leaves one left over! A souvenir of my race! On to the race cork board!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Goofy 2011 - Can Not Wait!

Hey. This is Albert. I am a middle school teacher in Nashville, TN. I also coach middle school cross country. I want to thank Maddy for inviting me to write for this blog. I am definitely planning on doing the Goofy in 2011. It has been my dream ever since I started back running several years ago. I, along with my wife and 2 sons, am a huge Disney fan (we just got back from a trip a couple of weeks ago) and I love running as well. To combine the two would be a dream come true. So I am really looking forward to January 2011 and hope to meet a lot of you if you will be there.

Right now I am training for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis which is about 3 weeks away. I have heard great things about this race and am looking forward to it. I'm trying to beat 4 hours this time. This will be my 2nd full marathon. I did the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville back in April and got 4:11. I have also done three half marathons in the last couple of years as well.

I love reading running blogs as well as listening to running podcasts. My blog is Click here to see it.

Please check it out, and if I don't have your running blog on my list, please let me know. I'm always looking for new ones. Good luck to everyone. Until then...

Keep runnin',

Friday, November 6, 2009

Definitely Goofy! Jim and Chris Here

It is a bit early to say which race we will run in 2011 - but the Disney Marathon is near and dear to my (Chris') heart. It was my first marathon back in 2007. I ran it again in 2008 with my husband (Jim) in his first marathon. Then we both ran Goofy this past year! In Jan 2010, we are running Dopey! I also have 3 Disney Half Marathons to my credit (2004, 2005 and 2009).

Besides my 3 (soon to be 4) Disney Marathons, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon (2007) and Rock n Roll San Antonio (2008).

You can find my blog here. I am also on Facebook as Marathon Chris and Twitter as marathonchris. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for 2011. I may run only the full or the half....finding time to train has become challenging :-).

See you all out there on the road! Be sure to enjoy your own Running Adventure!