Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Got The Flight


Ok, all you Goofy runners and a few Dopeys.... I'm officially official. Not only did I register for the race, but I just bought my plane ticket yesterday. So now I'm really in. I'm hoping as we get closer to the race that more of you will post on here with advice, info., comments, etc. But securing my flight just got me all the more excited about this race and hopefully meeting a lot of you.

I'll be flying in on Friday morning and heading straight to the WWOS to register. I'll run the half Saturday, the full Sunday and then enjoy the free park admission on Monday (not sure which park yet) before flying home Monday evening. It's gonna be a crazy weekend but I can not wait!

I've got Chicago in October before all this and I'm excited about that but not nearly as pumped as I am about Disney! More to come as the race approaches. Goofy 2011!!

Keep runnin,