Friday, October 23, 2009

Charlie White (aka cewtwo)

Hi everyone!

I am a runner from Englewood, Colorado (a suburb of Denver). I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2008, but did not finish. My legs cramped bad @ mile 24 or so and threw me to the ground! It was a disappointment, but it did not stop me. I did complete a marathon last year at the Las Vegas Marathon on December 7th.

I will be running the WDW in 2011 and I am aiming for a Goofy medal!

I will also be running Las Vegas again this year. I'm running the Half due to a recent bout of Plantar Fasciitis of the right ankle. BUT... I am out and running again! I will be training using the Galloway method.

Please, if you are running the WDW 2011, join this group! Let's train, compete and exchange ideas together!

AND... I am looking forward to meeting you!


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  1. I'm planning to do Goofy in 2011 also. My next big race is Memphis St. Jude Marathon on 12/5. Good luck with your training.